The Middle School box is designed for grades 6 and 7, while the High School box is suitable for grades 8 to 10.

No. You can purchase the Middle School box and add a High School chemical kit and additional equipment from our website. These are available for purchase on our website.

Yes, all experiments and materials are safe when safety guidelines are followed. Adult supervision is essential, and please watch our safety videos on the website.

Box design is modular. For example, if you want to buy a Physics 1 box, you can order that box separately from us on our website. If you want to buy a single item, many of these items are also available on Amazon, or you can also buy from your local stores.

Yes, you can order a chemical kit for your grade level.

While storing, the Chemical Kit should be kept in the plastic tray provided in the kit. It should be kept away from sun, heat and water. Under the sink, shoe rack, closed balcony or a loft in the garage/balcony, etc., are some of the ideal places. Always follow safety precautions.

Enrol for the live sessions on our website,, using the coupon code. You will get the coupon code in the email after you purchase the Box. After you enrol, you will have access to all the previous sessions, and you will get details of the schedule of the upcoming sessions and other resources.

You'll need to supply household items like milk, sugar, scissors, etc. We'll notify you in advance before the live sessions.

We have made a detailed video on how to assemble the storage unit. Please watch the video before you start the assembly process. We have provided all the materials, like screwdriver, hammer, screws, dowels, glue, etc., to complete the assembly.

Please visit the Resources section on our website and see the photos of the tray layout.

Check the packing slip against the items received. Notify us immediately if anything is missing

If any of the electrical/electronic items is found to have a manufacturing defect, we will replace them if returned to us within six months of purchase. Report damaged items received within seven days of receipt.

Can more than one person use the same kit, e.g. friends of my children?

Yes, but each student needs a separate subscription. Subscriptions cannot be shared.